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Indian Election 2019 Voting Polling Booth - How To Vote India?

Indian Election 2019, Biggest Election Today With Voting Poll Booths & How To Vote India? 

The Indian General Election 2019 starting from today, 11 April to 19 May 2019. Many want to know How to vote India? You can vote only if your name appears in the Voter List which also known as Electoral Roll. All voters can also search their information on Polling Booths, Election Dates, Contesting Candidates, Election Timings, Identity cards & EVM.

There are 900 million voters & over a million polling booths are available in the history of the election. This is the biggest voting election time having 29 states and 7 union territories. India is completely ready to host a large democratic event begins today on April 11.

So, we are here tell about Voting Process at Polling Booth & How to vote India. The voting for a new parliament will be continued till May 19 & the results will be announced on May 23. While PM Narendra Modi looks for a second term, competitor, including Indian National Congress president Mr. Rahul Gandhi will desire to replace him.

How To Vote India, Indian Election 2019 Voting Polling Booth Process

How To Vote India? Indian Election 2019 Voting Polling Booth

For this Indian General Election 2019, Election Commission Of India set up biggest voting polling booths in India.

Indian Election 2019 Polling Booth

  • There are 1.035 million total number of polling booths across the India
  • The maximum distance in 2 kms from any given voter’s house to the nearest polling booth
  • There are 3.96 million numbers of electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in this election
  • A paper trail or voter-verifiable paper audit trail machines are 1.7 million. It is documentary record of the voter having workout his concern
  • The total numbers of Election personnel are 11 million being deployed to conduct polls
  • First time, setting up height of the world’s highest polling station with 15,256 feet distance in Tashigang, Himachal Pradesh
  • An election team travels 35 kms to reach to resident of the remote Gir National Forest in Gujarat where Asiatic lions add up humans can vote. The temple priest gets his own polling station completed with an EVM machine

General Election State of politics

  • The number of registered political parties are 2,293
  • The number of candidates who have filed their nominations are 8,000 for the 543 Lok Sabha seats
  • The 14.6 billion rupee value of cash, liquor, & drugs taken over by the election commission of India in this year till now

How to Vote India or Voting Process at Polling Booth

  1. On the first polling, check your name on the voter list & check your ID proof
  2. Second polling will blue ink your finger, give you a slip & take your signature on a given register Form 17A
  3. You will need to deposit that slip on the third polling official person and show your inked finger & then continue to the polling booth
  4. Record your vote by pressing a ballot button opposite the symbol of the candidate of your choice on the (EVM) Electronic Voting Machine and will hear a beep sound to confirmed vote
  5. Check the slip that appears in the transparent window of the VVPAT machine. The slip of the Candidate serial Number, Name & Symbol should be visible for 7 seconds before it drops in the sealed VVPAT box
  6. You can also press NOTA i.e. None of the Above, if you don't like any of given candidate, it's the last button in the EVM screen
  7. To know more or get other information, please see Voter Guide on http://ecisveep.nic.in/
Note: Mobile phones, cameras and any other gadget is not allowed to carry inside the polling booth
Hope you are like to know all about Indian Election 2019 Voting Polling Booth & How To Vote India.

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