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Bigg Boss 12 Winner Name 2018 Grand Finale

Bigg Boss 12 Winner Name 2018: Bigg Boss is one of the popular Reality Show all over the world and in this season having an amazing journey of all contestants. We have got the names of top 5 finalists of Bigg Boss 12 to see in Grand Finale. So, here all you have to know about Bigg Boss 12 Prize Money & Bigg Boss 12 Winner Name. Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim is a winner of Bigg Boss 12.

Are you exciting to watch Bigg Boss 12 Grand Finale after Surbhi Rana evicted from Bigg Boss house? The final week of Bigg Boss 12 Season will be interesting to watch. All Bigg Boss viewers are keen to know that who will win Bigg Boss 12 Trophy this year.

We all know the winner name of  Bigg Boss 11 season as trophy won by Shilpa Shinde. Bigg Boss 12 top 5 finalists are Romil, Deepak, Shreeshant, KV & Deepika, and the Bigg Boss Season 12 season winner will declare here.

Bigg Boss 12 Winner

Dipika Kakar Ibrahim became Bigg Boss 12 Winner 2018.

We reveal the one name of winner from all the remaining contestants who are playing in the house. Till you can predict who will win Bigg Boss season 12.

Bigg Boss 12 Winner Prize Money

Many viewers want to know exact prize money of Bigg Boss 12 show. The Bigg Boss 12 Winner Prize Money is Rs.50 Lakhs.

Bigg Boss 12 Winner Name 2019

We will have the name that who won Bigg boss 12 was Dipika Kakar Ibrahim finally by official results & public votings. After so many Bigg Boss 12 Winner Predictions & final winner of Bigg Boss 2019 declared now.

Bigg Boss Season 12 Winner Prediction

From here, you will get the complete details that who will win Bigg Boss 12 season. Also, know Bigg Boss 12 finale task date as we will adding here Prediction Poll of the Bigg Boss Contestants to find out winner prediction.

Bigg Boss 12 Winner Name: Who Will Win Bigg Boss 2018, Bigg Boss Winner 2018

Most of the viewers gave maximum votes to Dipika Kakkar to predict & make her winner of Bigg Boss 12 and the final winner of the Bigg Boss season 12 Dipika won this show with Sreesanth Runner-up.

Bigg Boss Winners All Seasons

As we know that there have been a total 11 seasons of Bigg Boss completed in India and got 11 winners too. And now want to know about Bigg Boss season 12 Winner, check below who registered their names into winning history of Bigg Boss Show.

      BIGG BOSS SEASONS              HOSTNAMES                 BIGG BOSS WINNERS      

  • Bigg Boss 12 Winner           Salman Khan                      Dipika Kakkar
  • Bigg Boss 11 Winner           Salman Khan                        Shilpa Shinde
  • Bigg Boss 10 Winner           Salman Khan                        Manveer Gurjar
  • Bigg Boss 9 Winner           Salman Khan                        Prince Narula
  • Bigg Boss 8 Winner  Farah Khan with Salman Khan        Gautam Gulati
  • Bigg Boss 7 Winner           Salman Khan                        Gauhar Khan
  • Bigg Boss 6 Winner           Salman Khan                        Urvashi Dholakia
  • Bigg Boss 5 Winner  Sanjay Dutt with Salman Khan        Juhi Parmar
  • Bigg Boss 4 Winner           Salman Khan                        Shewta Tiwari
  • Bigg Boss 3 Winner        Amitabh Bachchan                Vindu Dara Singh
  • Bigg Boss 2 Winner           Shilpa Shetty                        Ashutosh Rana
  • Bigg Boss 1 Winner           Arshad Warsi                        Rahul Roy
So, this is the complete list of Bigg Boss Winners of all Seasons, & also having Bigg Boss 12 Winner Name 2018 who win Bigg Boss Prize Money & Title of this show with Bigg Boss Trophy.

Bigg Boss 12 Winner 2018

After the Grand Finale task, the winner of Bigg Boss 2018 is Dipika Kakkar. Salman Khan announced the winner of Bigg Boss 12 with trophy & Bigg Boss 12 Prize Money of Rs 50 Lakhs with winning a title of Bigg Boss at this year. As they have done all hard work in the show to win Bigg Boss and after all fans are very supporting them to vote and make him the final winner of Bigg Boss 2018 Season 12.

Hope you like to read our post that Winner of Bigg Boss 2018 & Bigg Boss 12 Winner Name 2018.

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