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MTV Roadies Xtreme EPISODE 7 Auditions 1st April 2018

MTV Roadies Xtreme 1st April 2018 Kolkata Auditions Written Episode 7:

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Roadies Xtreme Kolkata Audition Episode 7 on 01 April 2018, Prince Narula extremely challenges a contestant to shave his eyebrows & hair.
In this episode of MTV Roadies Xtreme, the judges traveled to Kolkata to searching next right contestants.

The first contestant was Harshvardhan Bhan, a dancer. He impressed the judges with his dance moves. While Rannvijay Singha and Neha Dhupia questioned his talent, Raftaar supported him. The judges challenged him to a dance-off with Raftaar.

The next contestant was Sonu Jat, an international powerlifter. Rannvijay was impressed by his achievements and came up with a fun challenge for him which he had to fulfill. One of the tasks given to him required saying Bam! Bam! after every second or third sentence. Rannvijay also challenged him to do a few push-ups, which he easily did. He got the go-ahead from all the four judges.

MTV Roadies Xtreme EPISODE 7 Auditions 1st April 2018

The next contestant on audition was Bibek Bora who is Actor, dancer, and footballer. He shared an incident when his friend was discriminated racially against some people, which shocked the judges. He asked to perform a scene from his film and to do few stunts to showcase his talent.

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After that next contestant was Pratik, who had been trying his luck on Roadies from the last 10 years. Judges questioned him about his past, which enclosed the time he killed a dog over his Roadies irrational motive.

Prince Narula asked him to spin the wheel, it stuck to Xtreme and prince gave the challenge to prove himself & do a task where he had to shave his eyebrow & side hairs. Without any hesitancy, he completed the task and also shaved his hair & eyebrow. Pratik said that he cannot give up his dream to be a Roadie even if it meant leaving his mother at the hospital. This made the judges furious. They called him a liar and sent back to home.

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