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GST Login Portal Guide For How to login at gst.gov.in

GST Login Portal Guide For How to login at gst.gov.in, Step by Step Guide on login to GST Portal India:

Goods & Services Tax GST Login Portal to register at www.gst.gov.in is an official website where you can do online GST transactions can be done easily. The transactions are like GST registration, application for refund, payment of taxes, return filing, etc. can be done through GST login.

We guide you through steps for how to login at gst.gov.in & do transactions. Before GST login, you need to do GST Portal Registration, & then you can use all the GST Portal Services.

GST online is easy for all & it becomes important to know everyone about GST Login Portal at gst.gov.in, How to register on GST Portal, How to Login to the GST Portal & What GST Services available on GST Portal. Let's start learning below to simple guide to GST.

GST Login Portal gst.gov.in registration & services

GST Login Portal Guide For How to login to Government GST Portal on www.gst.gov.in

Check out below complete guide to register on GST Portal, GST Login Portal & Services available on Government GST Portal on www.gst.gov.in.

How to register on GST Portal?

All you need to do is just go to official website gst.gov.in and apply for new GST Registration to register. You need to submit all the required details and necessary documents for making GST registration process complete. Check this For more GST Registration Process.

How to Login to the GST Portal?

Step 1: Go to the GST Login Website on gst.gov.in, Click on ‘Login’ tab on the homepage.

Step 2: Enter Your Username and Password, type Captcha code exactly shown and Click on ‘LOGIN’.

Step 3: After successful login, it will be taken over to the dashboard where you can find a summary of the GST Credits, GST Payable, or Notices if any.

Services Available on GST Portal:

Here is a list of some services available on the GST Portal. Click on the service to see the detailed guide.
  1. The Application for Registration for Normal Taxpayer, ISD, Casual Dealer;

  2. Application for GST Practitioner;

  3. Opting for Composition Scheme (GST CMP-02);

  4. Stock intimation for Composition Dealers (GST CMP-03);

  5. Opting out of Composition Scheme (GST CMP-04);

  6. Filing GST Returns;

  7. Payment of GST;

  8. Filing Table 6A of GSTR-1 (Export Refund);

  9. Claim Refund of excess GST paid (RFD-01);

  10. Furnish Letter of Undertaking(LUT)(RFD-11);

  11. Transition Forms (TRAN-1, TRAN-2, TRAN-3);

  12. Viewing E-Ledgers;

  13. Other than the above services changing core and non-core fields, browsing notices received, filing ITC Forms, Engage/ Disengage GST Practitioner are some of the other services provided on the GST Portal/ GSTN.
MUST CHECK GST Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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