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Top 10 Best Work Life Balance Companies in the World

At this time of era, it is very important having best work-life balance while working in any big companies. Some yet don't know which companies that promote work-life balance programs so, here we make a list of Top 10 Best Work-Life Balance Companies in the World which will definitely help to choose any company before work for them. 

All companies working in their own different environment. Some allow friendly behavior at the workplace but some having conditions of strict rules which is must follow by their employees. Some big companies keep mandatory silence and act some formalities in the office. 

But at the other point of the range, there are some organizations, which permit employees to work from home and consider in a scheduled work which is much result-oriented than keeping in a strict discipline workplace.

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Best Work Life Balance Companies

Top 10 Best Work-Life Balance Companies

The following companies are giving full support to their employees at any time of life crisis or try to solve if occur any problem and also take care of medical expenses pay even if any family member may ill.

Days are gone when the employees looking at only for high paying jobs, now they also want work-life balance in a rude office company. Equally some of the high paid employees also agree that money comes second, they want first work-life balance at some factor.

Below is the complete list of top 10 best work-life balance companies name in the world & these are the companies that promote work-life balance programs:

10) Prudential Financial:

Prudential Financial company offers Life Insurance, Group Insurance, Mutual Funds, Annuities, Investment Management, Retirement Services, and other financial services to help customers. 

They are providing best Workplace Benefits for personal insurance as well as financial future retirement solutions.

9) The Walt Disney Company:

We all know and heard the word from our childhood that is Disneyis an American wide-ranging multinational mass media and entertainment company also provide best work-life career balance to their employees within fun working environment. 

8) Johnson & Johnson:

This is a pharmaceutical company and also well known American multinational medical devices, and consumer goods packaged manufacturing company. Johnson & Johnson products to provide the clean, soft and gentle care for the babies and those who work for them will receive good life balance.

7) Philips Electronics:

The Philips company is mainly targeted for electronics, lighting and healthcare items in Philips Netherlands. They provide the best work culture, salaries, other benefits, job security as well as focus on work-life balance management.

6) Nokia:

Nokia is an information technology and multinational communications company. It is used to be the world's best & biggest smartphone mobile manufacturer company fell in today's market but providing the best work-life balance to workers who work for them.

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5) Google:

We all know and familiar with Google in our daily use, it is a multinational company specially provides internet related search, services, and products. The working employees in Google are well paid but also get good life balance within high daily work.

4) H&R Block:

H&R Block company was founded by two brothers Henry & Richard Bloch which is tax preparation company and their offices are available in Australia, North America and h&r block India. They offer a many of benefits to employees such as medical, dental, adoption assistance, vision, retirement plan, vacation and tuition assistance, and other work-life benefits.

3) Coldwell Banker:

Coldwell Banker having good benefits & perks, which includes insurance, retirement plans, and vacation policies. There are many positive reviews from Coldwell Banker employees about Coldwell Banker working culture, salary benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and much more.

2) Wegmans:

Working at Wegmans Food Markets provide great perks compare to other companies with additional other benefits. They are empowered to improve their employees working life and giving other benefits by a company.

1) Colgate-Palmolive: 

The Colgate Palmolive work-life balance is on number one noted and best reviewed on top 10 lists of best work-life balance companies. We all familiar with the brand name of Colgate which provides good work-life balance to the employees at their workplace.

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The above top10 list is identified by job search engine i.e. Indeed.com. These biggest and brightest companies that are always ready to help their employees also try to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

We hope you really love to read the "Top 10 Best Work-Life Balance Companies in the World." Keep visiting our website to know more related jobs, work, and other best interesting topics. Share it with your friends on social websites, keep them aware of about these companies which provide best work-life balance.


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